Established in 1967, EPILEPSY SOUTH AFRICA is a registered non-profit organisation, dedicated to working with people with epilepsy and/or other disabilities, as well as their families to enable them to lead meaningful and enriching lives.  In addition, the organisation focuses on creating opportunities for people with epilepsy and/or other disabilities to be included in mainstream society and to reach their full potential.

Profile and Geographical areas of operations:

The National Office of EPILEPSY SOUTH AFRICA provides strategic leadership to the organisation, which currently consists of six Branches. The National Office develops and maintains service excellence, sound management and financial stability within the organisation.

The current Branches of EPILEPSY SOUTH AFRICA are:

Branch Address NPO Number
Western Cape PO Box 24573, Lansdowne, 7779 003-941
Free State PO Box 167, Parys, 9585 003-970
South Cape & Karoo PO Box 107, Knysna, 6570 006-414
Mpumalanga & Limpopo PO Box 55, Dullstroom, 1110 004-022
Gauteng PO Box 1070, Springs, 1560 001-912
Eastern Cape Serviced by the National office
Northern Cape Serviced by the National office

NATIONAL OFFICE   PO Box 73  Observatory  7935 Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA

Tel: +27 (0)21 447 3014    Fax: +27 (0)21 448 5053

Email: info@epilepsy.org.za   http://www.epilepsy.org.za


EPILEPSY SOUTH AFRICA is a dynamic organisation providing developmental services nationally to promote equal opportunities for people with epilepsy and other disabilities.


To provide integrated services that is equitable, accessible, sustainable and people-centred with and for people with epilepsy and other disabilities and all affected by epilepsy, to promote social justice

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of Epilepsy South Africa, as contained within its constitution are:

  • To create equal opportunities for people with epilepsy and/or other disabilities, in order to enable them to function optimally and to achieve their fullest potential in all spheres of life;
  • To provide equitable and where possible, accessible services to ensure that people with epilepsy and/or other disabilities are integrated into society, enjoy equal opportunities and receive the necessary support and care;
  • To formulate and implement internal policies and programmes relating to all matters of epilepsy, incorporating the participation of people with and affected by epilepsy and/or other disabilities;
  • To positively influence NATIONAL policy and legislation impacting on the lives of people with epilepsy and/or other disabilities;
  • To co-ordinate the work of its Branches and interested groups, and to provide support and guidance to the Branches;
  • To develop and implement good governance practices in the organisation; and
  • To represent the organisation nationally and internationally.


Epilepsy South Africa is currently implementing the following national programmes, namely:

  •  National Media Awareness & Marketing Programme,
  • National Sustainability Programme,
  • National Social Development Programme,
  • National Economic Development Programme,
  • National Organisational Development Programme, and
  1. i really appreciate what epelepsy s.a is doing for us m currently.studyin bcompt and in need of finicial assistance am i see the pragammes u offer i would like to take part

    • Dear Mandla, thank you for the kind words. As the only National organisation in South Africa providing services to persons with epilepsy, and those affected by the condition, we are grateful for this acknowledgement. The Epilepsy South Africa Educational Trust is still accepting bursary applications for 2014 until 31 October 2013. There is very little time left so you will have to hurry. The quickest way would be to visit http://epilepsy.org.za/new/jobs-training–bursaries/bursaries/60/ where you will find all the relevant information, requirements and application form all in one place. Alternatively, contact us at admin@epilepsy.org.za.

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