Millions Raised for Disability in Southern Africa

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Schools, companies and individuals across the country revealed their Rock Star Alter Ego’s at this year’s Casual Day 2011 to participate in the largest fundraising project for disability in Southern Africa. As on 8 September 2011, this year’s Casual Day campaign has raised R 4, 108 150 – that’s R 1, 889 168 more than last year!

The FUN-factor in this nationwide campaign was evident as we saw people dress up as different rock-personalities such as Lady Gaga, Ray Charles, Avril Lavigne and Ozzy Osbourne. With a decidedly Rock-Idols feel, the winners of Casual Day 2011 are:  People with disabilities!


 Casual Day was introduced as a rewarding incentive for South Africans to help make communities a better place to live for people with Epilepsy and other disabilities – thereby developing attitudes of inclusion, acceptance and equality.

EpilepsySouth Africawould like to thank each and every individual who supported this initiative, with special mention to Alexander Forbes, Old Mutual, Pathcare South Africa, Capitec Bank, MWEB, Reeds N1 City, PanSolutions, Coronation Fund Managers, ADP Projects, the Ceres Fruit Company, Aegis Media, McCarthy Toyota, Tomcat Advertising Agency, Audi Centre N1 City, Servochem and TFD Group.  You have made a direct contribution to the life of someone living with a disability.  The future will be a better place for people with disability, for you are involved in creating acceptance and understanding of disability throughout South Africa. 

 Remember that every R10 donation for an official Casual Day sticker helps to make a difference. If you are keen to get involved next year, please contact Wynand du Toit at 021 595 4900 or fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za to be able to receive your Casual Day 2012 info as early as possible.

  1. Hi all

    I am currently busy with a research project and i would like to create a pamphlet or document that one can give to epilepsy patients. Now i know there are many out there but are they really evidence based. What i would like is any ideas or thoughts you have that can minimize seizures for people suffering with epilepsy.

    Thank you

    Regards Jonathan Page


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