Casual Day to Rock you on 2 September

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What does MWEB, Reeds N1 City, Alexander Forbes, PanSolutions, Coronation Fund Managers, ADP Projects, the Ceres Fruit Company, Aegis Media, Capitec Bank, McCarthy Toyota, Tomcat Advertising Agency and many other companies and individuals all have in common?  This year, they are all “Rock Stars” for people with disabilities, by joining Epilepsy South Africa National Office in participating in Casual Day 2011.


Every year on Casual Day, thousands of South Africans and their companies participate in this massive support drive for people with disabilities in South Africa.  Year after year, more and more people and companies buy their stickers for R10 to join in this fun and easy campaign, affecting change in thousands of South Africans’ lives.

This year, Casual Day really turns on the heat with the theme “Worn to be Wild”, and challenges people to dress up as their favourite rock stars!  Keep your eyes peeled for the likes of Ozzy Osborne, Shakira, Jimmy Hendrix and perhaps even The King himself – right there in your office!

Be sure sure to get your company involved in the day of laughs and goodwill, by contacting Wynand du Toit at fundraising.no@epilepsy.org.za or 021 595 4900.

Dress up, do team-building, have fun, and most importantly:  Join your fellow South Africans and show your support for services to people with disabilities.

Additional information:

Epilepsy SA is a non-profit organisation, which aims to include all people with disabilities, epilepsy, and people affected by epilepsy, in building the nation’s social capital by providing equal opportunities in realising their potential.

Epilepsy is a very common neurological condition that affects a minimum one in every 100 people. It is characterised by recurrent seizures that occur because of incorrect electrical activity in the brain. There are many different causes of epilepsy: damage or abnormalities in the brain, lead or alcohol poisoning, degeneration, poor nutrition and many more, but in many instances the originating cause is still unknown.

Epilepsy is not a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, it’s not contagious either. It can affect anyone at any age. Many brave people live with epilepsy on a daily basis – and many have proven that the condition can be controlled! Jonty Rhodes, one of South Africa’s greatest cricketers, has lived with epilepsy since childhood. He has shown many sceptics how epilepsy can be controlled to a point of being overcome.

  1. Its a good course i have already bought stickers and i’ve being appealing to my colleagues to do the same.

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