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Our new Building True Potential Campaign is coming!
The Wall of Acceptance – To ensure that everybody is well educated about epilepsy, which will reduce discrimination towards people with epilepsy and acceptance of people with epilepsy in all spheres of life.

  1. Epilepsy is perhaps the most misunderstood and stigmatized condition in our present era, several people remain appallingly ignorant and treat those with the condtion as subhuman ,this is the case until someone very close or the ingnorant party itself get affected by this condition that an interest is generated. In South Africa many theories exist about epilepsy some quite irrational and supersticious but mostly do not even come close to defining it as should be, a neuorological condition that can be managed well including the consistent use of prescribed medication

    Its good to have a religious belief or so as a fall back or back up but scientifically medicine and the right attitude does the trick.

    In the Northern Cape town of kimberley where i stay, many young people with ernomous potential and capacity have given up the hope of finding employment, many either get involved in crime direction their anger f a sick society at thefellow men and women and succumb to a moral all time low characterised by teenage pregnancies ,drug abuse. More worrying to me is that People young as 25 or less seriously consider applying for a government grant because they suffer from several “disabilities” including epilepsy. I was diagnosed with epiplepsy in 1999 Doing Grade 11 in spite of the insurmounable handicaps i had to endure academically and socially with all those seizures and the stigma associated with temporal lobe epilepsy i have always sought to defy the odss and prove that you can be succesfull academically and professionally living with epilepsy. After finishing matric i prsued my studies and community involvement and my own mark as a citezen not dependant on government for handouts . Over the years Epilepsy SA has been providing telephonic counsel to me which i am quite indebted to, but it could be a lot better if wehave a formal structure here . Many people lack knowlegde about these matters and its our duty as the little enlightened to share the message of hope. several people get discriminated against for being epileptic on all fronts even at work , Recently i was admitted in hospital and a medical doctor insulted me in my sick bed as being a “crazything” thats why i am admitted by a Physciatrist just imagine such ignorance from a qualified doctor!

    I wish all epilepsy affected people well and urge EPILEPSY SA to please do some thing sustainable to establish contact with the people of Kimberley and the Northern CAPE


    Mr Douglas Mthukwane
    Manager: Publications,Communication and Support
    Northern Cape Department
    BASIC Education
    079 191 6242

    • Dear Douglas
      Thank you very much for your post.
      I fully agree with you that people with epilepsy still endure massive discrimination on a daily basis.
      This adds a huge additional obstacle for them which they must overcome on their way to adulthood and positive living.
      Most often people with epilepsy just require other people to understand their condition (not a lot to ask), which will decrease the myths and stigma associated with epilepsy as well as the discrimination towards people with epilepsy.
      I also agree with you Douglas that we do require a permanent Epilepsy South Africa office in the Northern Cape. Unfortunately we have been trying for the past years to obtain sufficient funding for such an office but have not yet received funds to make this dream come true. To realize this dream we require a minimum of R1,000,000 per year for 3 years (this figure includes all the direct programme costs as well as running costs) to ensure that our services will be sustainable in the long run.
      Currently we render services in the Northern Cape via an MOU with Yonder.
      Any person with epilepsy needing assistance in the Northern Cape may contact Yonder. We also render services from our National Office based in Cape Town with our Social Development Manager providing online and telephonic advice, information and counselling.

      We will continue to raise funds to support all our programmes and we hope to realize all our dreams in the near future.
      We will truly appreciate if anyone can assist our organisation. To support our programmes please visit our Building True Potential Campaign (add in
      link) where your brick can help us build all our service walls, ensuring that all people with epilepsy receive all the services and support they require.

      Noëline de Goede
      National Director
      Epilepsy South Africa

      • Thanks for your reply hpe to see you at the conference


        Douglas Mthukwane

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