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The business days of National Epilepsy Week 2010 are at its end. The two days left will be like the rest of your time available to share information about epilepsy, at your own initiative. You will have to share information when the opportunity arises. Join in the effort to do this in your sphere of influence.

We close the week’s messages by honoring those around people with epilepsy. Family and friends of people that lives with the condition plays a major role in how the person accepts and conquers the challenges.  They also need support and understanding.  If you share the truth about the condition it will help all of us.

Share epilepsy!

Family and support

The way family or friends react to your diagnosis could be just what you need, or you may find some of their reactions both hurtful and unsupportive. People around you could feel shocked, frightened, worried, angry and helpless, but still not understand the situation. They may also not have the knowledge and may need time to adjust to work their feelings out.

Remember what you need from them may change over time. Family and friends can best support you if you are able to tell them clearly what you find useful.


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