Rights of people with epilepsy

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 The National Office of Epilepsy South Africa continues to send a series of motivational and educational message to our electronic audience.  Thank you for the many replies of those that understand and goes through what our topics discuss.  Take courage!

You can also subscribe to receive shorter messages via SMS by emailing marketing.no@epilepsy.org.za.  We are also sharing these to our Twitter audience.

Enjoy your National Epilepsy Week and do your bit by “Sharing Epilepsy”

  • Rights of People living with epilepsy

Rights of People living with epilepsy

Skills, abilities, qualifications and experience are the qualities that employers are most interested in when considering someone for employment. The South African Constitution guarantees that people with epilepsy have the right to work and to choose their profession. The Employment Equity Act (No55 of 1998) offers protection to people with epilepsy in terms of employment as epilepsy meets the requirements of the term “disability”. Your epilepsy is only relevant if you have seizures that are likely to interfere with your ability to do your job.


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