Epilepsy Myths

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2010 at 8:10 am
We only have a few days left of National Epilepsy Week in South Africa. So much attention was drawn to epilepsy from various people that work with the condition.  Nurses, neurologists, social workers and other disability organisations.  We think this is wonderful! Epilepsy remains a condition that frightens people until they learn more about it. We hope that the short pieces of information this week assisted you to eradicate some incorrect information. In today’s piece we continue to discuss myths that surround people that live with the condition.

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Epilepsy MythsEpilepsy is not a ‘one size fits all problem’. It can look, feel and act differently in various people. It is much more common than previously thought and is one of the more frequent neurological problems affecting people of all ages. Few medical conditions have attracted so much attention and generated so much controversy. Throughout history, people with epilepsy and their families have unduly suffered because of the ignorance of others. Fortunately, the stigma and fear generated by the words “seizures” and “epilepsy” has decreased during the past century, and most of those with epilepsy now lead normal lives.

People with epilepsy are very seldom academically challenged. Many people mistakenly believe that they are both intellectual and/or developmental. In the large majority of situations, this is not true. Like any other group, people with epilepsy all have different logical and rational abilities.

People with epilepsy are not violent and the unfortunate image given is both incorrect and harmful. They have no greater tendency towards severe irritability and aggressive behaviors than others.


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